Code Golf - Math expression evaluator

Code Golf Code Gold are challenge where you have to write code in the least amount of character possible. I was on the IRC server of SFML (, on the C++ channel (#c++) and someone was asking how to implement a Math Expression Evaluator. Basically... »

Messing with vtables - Part II

This second post on vtable will be consecrated to the mechanics of virtual inheritance. It will get slightly more complex, so bear with me. Disclaimer Like it was said in part 1, all of this is entirely implementation dependent, C++ has no concept of vtable.... »

Messing with vtables - Part I

This is an article about vtable. Even if in practice you should never use them directly, it can be useful to know how they work when considering performance (Especially for virtual inheritance). And well… it's fun. Disclaimer Vtabels are not part of the standard, using... »